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thrift and shout!

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magiclasso replied to your photo: hah

Janeway could out-captain Kirk any day of the week.

we all know who’s the bestest…

— 2 years ago

magiclasso replied to your post: im going jogging…

I’ve been telling myself that for months now.

me too (when i was out west last time i packed running shoes AND even went as far as to bring them up to SF, in case i “felt the urge”), finally got around to and i have to say…

it sucks!

also learn from my lessons - slayer != a good pace.

— 2 years ago

magiclasso replied to your video: god damn… san francisco is so seductive.

That’s just how we roll here.
hah, it’s not just your swagger, SF… you were born with some pretty astounding geography…  
— 2 years ago

magiclasso replied to your photo: Demon dog aftermath 2 (Taken with instagram)

Why do they always go for the eyes?!
i have two satanic dogs, they go for the portal to the soul.
— 2 years ago with 1 note

magiclasso replied to your link: CITY OF SPEED ZONES

More reason to get the hell out of Chicago.

one of the many…

— 2 years ago